I didn't join the ride till fairly late, missed the start then spent ages running around town following sightings on Twitter! The pro-choice guys were very impressed with us showing up there from the Twitter chatter.

Anyway I finally caught up at around Parliament Square at 9pm. From there down to Victoria, where I overhead a copper on foot report our movements over the radio. Then up to hyde park corner, down to buck palace where we stopped for a bit, and I could get my bearings. There were probably still comfortably 200 I think, only a couple of baby soundsystems lots of skateboarders/longboarders, a few inline skaters and one unicyclist.

Anyway, once we'd caught our breath, down the Mall, up Charing X Rd, then right the way along to Old St. Just before Old St, a cop car tried to get past sirens on, and the mass didn't yield. (possibly hindered by the guy with a realistic siren on his megaphone, so not everyone realised at first there was an emergency vehicle going past) Can't say I'm a fan of this behaviour, I prefer to assume that perhaps they're not just going off to oppress someone and might be doing something important. Then I *think* because of that, they ended up pulling over a couple of guys, and the whole mass stopped. While we stopped a fire engine was trying to get past and also had difficulties. There was also an ambulance car, sirens on, that had difficulty getting past (round Shoreditch I think).

Cops let whoever it was off with a warning presumably so on we went down Shoreditch, and Liverpool St, where I left the mass around 10:20pm.

Plus points,was a very good atmosphere, friendly crowd, chatted to a lot more people than usual and seemed to be a fair few new folks who didn't really know what was going on. Corkers did well and I didn't see much aggro from the drivers in the bit I came along for. Few times where there was a case of "lets piss off as many drivers as possible" and cars were held up even if they were going in the opposite direction. Buck Palace roundabout a good example of this.

But yeah, it went late and lots of people -very good for a March run!`

Paul Brocklehurst


Yes, the pro-choice demo "guys"(!) were really pleased that CM came and made

the numbers absolutely, er..., massive for a while (it took ages for so many

bikes to get through the already crowded demonstration, so that vast tangle

with all the bikes there went on for ages).

Having been pleased that we got the mass to Bedford Square, I ended up

staying to enjoy that event, and never went looking for the ride again after

that. Though if I'd known it was going on for so long this month...

It must have been one of the biggest for ages, _and_ one of the longest,

time-wise? I wonder why ... is that a good sign in terms of cycling

activism/militancy? (A genuine question.)

How many was it when we set off? Any good estimates?



I was on the ride last night after missing several recently . It seemed a big and very successful much appreciated ride and skateboard scoot.

What about the very big roadworks lorry in Parliament Square which the driver insisted on forcing its way through the ride regardless?

Also, somewhat humerous, the corker who tried to cork a police van but then beat a hasty retreat when its siren started up. LOL!