Well, I'm not really sure how much I can put here, it was from my POV relatively incident free - no bad thing!

Overall thoughts- mass seemed to move at a decent pace - faster than normal I thought! Really nice to see this, not too many stops, no hanging about, a healthy and enjoyable run round town. must have been hard work for the sound system guys (as ever appreciated and excellent) - my faves were the big purple thing towed by a bike and a surprisingly meaty system carried on a longboard.

Another thing new to me has how much support we were getting from motorists - I've been attending on and off since 2005 and I can't remember hearing as many positive beeps and waves and high fives from motorists. Obviously, there were still a good proportion of irate cabbies and 4x4 drivers (definitely notable when we headed down to Chelsea/Kensington - lots of them, most of them tossers), but other road users didn't seem to mind so much. Even saw two cabbies being friendly towards us. Brilliant!

Bits and pieces along the way - sadly we only made it as far as the IMAX roundabout before the first incident - a BMW convertible reg Y182 HHM/HHH decided he was going to go through a bike, wedging it into his number plate in the process.


Looked like a young cyclist came off in the Waterloo Bridge underpass; didn't see what happened but she had support afterwards from quite a few riders on the roadside in the tunnel. Guessing there was a collision between bikes;those underpasses are great for speed, but with lots and lots of us, need to be careful.

There was also a rather horrible altercation just before Albert bridge (? - the one before Battersea park anyway) where a moped rider was determined to blast through the Mass, and when challenged attempted to kick out at a rider several times then sped off. Think he managed to get away unfortunately.

Other bits - top top notch corking. Really smooth, all junctions covered, and from what i heard the corkers did a good job at being diplomatic with the drivers stopped. Occasionally there was an unnecessary stopping of traffic going in the opposite direction to us; sometimes its needed - when the roads are narrow or there's parked cars - but sometimes I think people just do it for the hell of it. Not a fan of this.

The police were around but I got the impression they were told to sit on their hands as far as the Mass was concerned - perhaps following the allegations of violence last time. V little interaction with the mass at all. I saw one policeman on foot help us get through a junction on Portland Place, that's about it.

All in all a top night out as ever!

Paul Brocklehurst