Waterloo to st pauls. One of the occupy photographers started a "who's streets"

yells thin so he could get some good solidarity shots(I felt used and manipulated)

Through the city via the fire dancing table dancers ... Yes really!

Then on the corner of bishops gate a moving solliqay from the best friend of a dead

cyclist killed this month(ghost bike there if you pedal past that way)

Out the city via old st and along clerkenwell road to Oxford circus

Bike lift there then up regents street to Piccadilly for another bike lift

Finished in trafalgar square where after a few minutes some of the energy (and des

in his carnival bike) evaporated

Excellent longboarders antics throughout.they have become a great addition over the

months, corking and pacing a well as any cyclists

Overall a shortish stop start mass, slow but well attended



I saw a cyclist punch a taxi driver's wing mirror into small pieces

early on on Kingsway (I think..) I think that was due to his bike

being hit.

On the way back east from the Barbican the rider of a silver Vespa

scooter must have done something, as people wanted his number..



I thought the Vespa driver was just in a hurry and refused to have a journey slowed


Also whilst beside her at lights I noticed she was female or male with small feet

and a love of ankle boots and make up