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London CM December ride 2011.

"Failure to achieve mass? A dozen regulars maybe, adding up to 34 in all. Three brave longboarders. No sound system." Report.

King's Cross Christmas Vigil.

"A crowd of nearly 200 concerned Londoners took part in a Xmas Vigil at King's Cross to remember all those who've died on the capital's roads. Candles were laid out in the shape of a bicycle, and the names of the 16 cyclists killed this year on London's roads were read out...." More.

London CM November ride 2011.

"Big thanks to CM for all the support on behalf of Occupy LSX. You guys are fantastic and really appreciated the drive by. Keep up the great work and hope to see you next month. Twitter pic. Reports | 1 | 2 |. Map of route. Video.

A vintage view of modern day CM

"hello ... earlier this summer (end of may) we went down to the critical mass meeting point on south bank, armed with a 100 year old wooden hand cranked 35mm camera ... the results are quite bizzare - a kind of vintage view of modern day london ... some of the outtakes from this are now online, if anyone would like to see what we look like through this kind of lens you can find them here:"

Taxi Mass causes gridlock in London!

Taxi drivers are always criticising CM for holding up traffic and then they go and do exactly the same! More.

London CM October Halloween ride 2011.

The ride went straight to St Pauls and was given a rousing welcome by the Occupation protesters there. Weather fine apart from a brief light shower. The sound systems made an interesting contribution. Unusually there was a visit to McDonalds for quick refreshments. There seem to have been a lot of longboarders present this time. Some cyclists have been complaining about the longboarders causing crashes and near misses but others think they are OK. Report. Videos | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4.

The Chicago police attempted to divert the Critical Mass.

"The Chicago police on Friday attempted to divert the Critical Mass cycling event away from “Occupy Chicago” protesters, who have been camped out in front of the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank.

The protesters marched to the intersection where the police had halted the monthly ride, chanting “Occupy Chicago” and “We are the 99 percent.”

Some of the cyclists raised their fist in support of the demonstration. Other cyclists waved, high-fived the protesters, and took pictures." More with video.

London CM September ride 2011.

Good weather. Trouble with police this time, one reportedly body slammed a rider to the ground and hit him. Reports. Photos. Map. Report with vid and pics. Video.

'Bikes not Bombs' ride to the Arms Fair. 13-9-2011.

About 30 cyclists turned up and later joined with those on foot around the ExCeL Centre. Reports. Video.

London CM August ride 2011.

"A lot smaller than usual, no doubt due to the holiday season & the inclement weather, however the sound systems added to a great atmosphere and the ride covered a lot of ground, it took up the road well and visited many areas..." Reports. Map.

German police try to prevent a Critical Mass ride.

"They're being chaperoned by a somewhat annoyed police convoy barking at them through a megaphone, threatening to issue traffic obstruction fines to anyone they manage to catch." More.

Nottingham Critical Mass is on the move.

"Nottingham's Critical Mass bike ride was restarted on Friday by a group of around 40 cyclists. With a sound system, flags and a sea of fluorescent vests the group reclaimed the city centre's streets for a celebration of cycling..." More.

London CM July ride 2011.

The London Cycling Campaign and others organised a 'go slow flashride' on Blackfriars Bridge against TfL and the frequent deaths of cyclists in London. They later looped in with CM and the ride was led to where a cyclist had been killed in Hackney. Altogther this made for a massive and successful ride. Reports | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |. Videos | 1 | 2 | 3 |.

Taxi Mass!

Seems cabbies are not so different after all when it comes to holding up traffic.

"Tuesday 5th July 2011. Cabbies go-slow protest around Nottingham... cab drivers have staged a go-slow protest around Nottingham City streets over new parking regulations proposed by Nottingham City Council..." More with pics.

J30 CM Style ride.

"...As part of the support for the strike from people who are not necessarily public sector workers, a Critical Mass happened in South London, visiting the picket lines that had been announced and showing support.

We met at about eight in the morning in Burgess Park. About 50 people on bikes set off at about half past eight, with more and more people joining as we biked..." More | 1 | 2 |.

London CM June ride 2011

Rained on. Got fragmented. Those at the front too fast and those at the back too slow. Reports. Video. Map.

Death of Barry Mason.

"On Friday we were saddened to hear of the sudden death of Barry Mason, coordinator of Southwark Cyclists, who died in a swimming accident while on holiday in Spain..." More | 1 | 2 |

Leicester CM May ride 2011.

Videos | 1 | 2 | 3 |

London CM May Ride 2011.

A very spirited and happy ride. About a 1000 turnout. There were at least five or more sound systems, some of them amazing music and loud, and several skateboarders, who seemed to lead the ride this time. It took an interesting route West for a change and didn't stray too far from Central London. Reports | 1 | 2 | 3 | Videos | 1 | 2 | 3 |

Leicester Critical Mass.

"The latest Critical Mass took part on April 29 and coincided with the royal wedding.

Irreverently titled Never Mind the Royal Wedding Here's the Leicester Critical Mass, the event saw many of the participants dressing up as Prince William and Catherine Middleton..." More.

London CM April ride 2011.

This was the 17th Anniversary ride. Large turnout in good weather but the Royal Wedding aftermath seriously slowed the ride down to begin with. Amusingly some riders wore wedding dresses and royalty masks. Reports. Pics | 1 | 2 |

Find the Ride!

Those who arrive late for the start, or get separated from the ride, can try out a new idea this Friday 29th. If they bookmark their smartphones with they can track the ride as it happens.

Cops Outnumber Cyclists Two-To-One At NYC Critical Mass.

"Despite lawsuits, the NYPD continues to deploy a heavy police presence at Critical Mass, and last month's ride was no exception, with over 20 cops on motorcycles on hand. The number of cyclists? 10." More.

"Cyclists protest against illegally-parked cars on busy Cardiff road.

Cardiff's cyclists met this weekend to raise awareness of the dangers caused by motorists who park on double yellow lines.

Riverside and Canton cyclists were joined by local pedalling councillors Richard Cook and Iona Gordon, as well as riders taking part in Saturday's Critical Mass to demonstrate on Cowbridge Road East. ..." More.

"Attack on cyclists inspires Bournemouth Critical Mass ride

CYCLISTS gathered in Boscombe on Friday to show solidarity with those seriously injured when a motorist rammed a protest ride in Brazil.

Riders met outside McDonalds before a ride to show their support for cyclists hurt taking part in a protest ride in the town of Porto Alegre in February. .." More.

London CM March ride 2011.

"Best mass I've been on for ages. Really nice party vibe." Video 2 shows confrontation with the police who picked on one rider but then let him go. Videos | 1 ! 2 | Pic.

100 days Pedal to Palestine sets off

This morning, 21st March, 17 cyclists set off on their 100 day journey to palestine. they were supported by a small critical mass ride for the london stage of their journey, visiting the israeli embassy, downing street, and cable street on their route. More with pics.

Tragedy at Critical Mass Bike Ride in Porto Alegre, Brazil

The driver apparently sped through the crowd, attempting to mow down as many of the cyclists as possible, before ditching the car.

According to the Brazilian news, there were 130 riders. Fifty were hit, and two are in serious condition. The driver ditched the black Volkswagen Golf and took the license plates.

The accused, Ricardo Neis was originally charged with criminal negligence (without intent), but on Tuesday the police decided to upgrade the charges to attempted murder (with intent) after completing interviews yesterday with the accused and witnesses. Reports and videos | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |

London CM February ride 2011

"I think corking went reasonably well this time, there was some toing and froing about the route, but it seemed to me that when we were divided it was more about the route and people trying to be leaders, rather than different attitudes traffic lights/pedestrian crosings or lack of corking which caused split masses at the last few rides I came to..." Map of ride. Reports | 1 | 2 | Video.

Bike-powered protest occupies Shell forecourts in Bristol

Saturday 12th February, Bristol and Bath Rising Tide and friends went on a bicycle tour of Bristol’s Shell petrol stations. The ride was in protest at Shell’s activities in Co. Mayo. The police were ‘in attendance’ but did not intervene. Two cops on bikes joined the ride as they saw how much fun we were having. More.

London CM January ride 2011

Some stayed away because of trhe cold weather. About 150 attended. Report. Video.

Cycling Activist Accuses LAPD Of Assault In Lawsuit.

"A man who claims he was roughed up by Los Angeles police for using video last spring to capture officers as they allegedly harassed protesting bicyclists on Hollywood has filed a lawsuit against the city.

Manuel Gallegos claims he was riding east with other members of “Critical Mass,” an activist bicycling group that organizes mass rides that disrupt motor traffic, the night of last May 28, when he stopped to shoot a video on his cell phone after seeing officers pull a boy off his bicycle near the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue..." More.

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