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London CM December 2009.

Happened to coincide with Christmas Day. Despite a lack of trains to carry bikes on, no pubs open and adverse pressure from relatives, about 30 riders turned up. There was a late start due to a woman nearby jumping into the Thames.

Climate Emergency Bike Ride.

About 200 riders turned out for the ride, which went from Lincoln's Inn Fields to Speaker's Corner, to join up with The Wave climate change march. There were two stops on the way where speeches were heard, at the offices of BP and E-ON. Police cyclists and motorcyclists accompanied the ride. Video.

LAPD Tackle Cyclists at Friday's Critical Mass.

";...According to eye witnesses, the two officers tackled cyclists off their bikes at the front of the mass and were still trying to drag massers off their bikes at the tail of the mass. Witnesses claim that there was no announcement that riders should dismount nor any attempt to signal out riders that were lawbreakers, just an attempt to randomly grab cyclists and detain them..." More | 1 | 2 |.

London CM November 2009.

Large attendance for the time of year. Uneventful at the front of the ride but some rammings at the back. Reports. Video.

Canadian Halloween CM rider ticketed.

"I think they nailed me for speaking up." His ticket reads: "Failing to ride bicycle on extreme right of highway." More.

London CM October 2009 Halloween ride.

Again corking was excellent and there was a large turnout. The ride seemed to split up more than once though. One rider had his rear wheel trapped by a bus. No noticeable halts or bike-lifts at intersections this time and no circuits of Parliament Square. A visit to Buckingham Palace seems to be becoming a ritual and riders enjoyed circling the monument and holding up their bikes there, away from traffic. Video.

Beirut's first ever Critical Mass.

"Lebanon's cycling revolution started Saturday with more a whisper than a wallop. Only seven participants showed up at Beirut's Sanayeh Park for the country's first ever "critical mass"". More.

Islamabad CM ride cancelled due to security concerns.

"During the 1980s and the 1990, Islamabad was a city friendly to pedestrians and cyclists. The same cannot be said about the city today as the car reigns supreme. As the price of fuel increases and roadblocks slow traffic, it is only practical to consider bicycles as the only viable alternative for certain areas of Islamabad. Therefore, the point that the youngsters are trying to make is perhaps a valid one and does not seem to be constrained to boundaries of class or gender.

However, due to security concerns they are forced to cancel this week's event". More.

Boulder bicyclists protest against war.

"Between 25 and 50 cyclists blocked rush-hour traffic in Boulder on Wednesday to protest U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan.

The "Critical Mass"; ride was organized by Students for Peace and Justice and the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center. Wednesday was the International Day of Action Against War On Afghanistan." Report with video.

London CM September 2009.

"I thought it was a really good Mass good corking and good humour from those on the ride. When I was at the start I thought it would be a small one not a lot of people about but turned out to be prety big." Pics. Reports. Video.

CM Cyclists knocked to the ground and arrested in Austin Texas.

"This morning some cyclists who were knocked to the ground and arrested by APD officers during Friday's Critical Mass Ride. It turns out one of the riders is from San Antonio and has been in jail since Friday since he knows no one in Austin to bail him out." More | 1 | 2 |.

London CM August 2009.

The ride of more than 500 cyclists went to the Climate Camp on Blackheath, South East London. The route from Waterloo Bridge followed Southwark Street, Tooley Street, Tower Bridge Road, and then the Old Kent road and the A2 to Blackheath. Reports |1 |. Report with video.

London Climate Camp cycle ride.

About 150 riders gathered at the South Bank near Shell building at about 12.00 and listened to a speech. Video Pics | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Speech. Crossed London Bridge, stopped outside the London Carbon Exchange for another speech, passed the Bank of England, regrouped on the South side of Tower Bridge and then headed East. Finally arrived at the Blackheath site at about 14.30.

Ogden, Utah CM riders arrested.

Driver rams cyclist and damages bike. Cop tackles another rider off his bike. Four participants arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, failure to disperse and public intoxication. Report

London CM July 2009.

Following a late and hesitant start the large Mass proceeded on its joyful way shouting through the Strand underpass. Those at the front chose to avoid the usual popular stopping places with lifted bicycles celebrations. The volunteer corkers did an amazing job. Following a ramming by a taxi, a rider was briefly placed in handcuffs by police. Video. Report.

Report dangerous behaviour

The London Transport Action Group (LTAG) is looking to test out a new approach to making London's roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists alike. Based on the Community Speedwatch project in other parts of the country, LTAG is looking to develop a Database to capture dangerous incidents on London's roads, and their perpetrators. More.

Vancouver police warn away motorists

"Police took the unusual step this week of warning motorists away from the city's downtown core Friday in an effort to ease tensions generated by a planned "Critical Mass" bike ride... Police say the ride has grown so large they have given up trying to rein in participants, even those breaking rules, such as riding without a helmet or blocking traffic..." Reports | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

Cyclist sues NYPD for $1.5M

"A cyclist knocked off his bike by a rookie cop last summer is suing the NYPD for $1.5million on Tuesday for trying to cover up the shocking attack, which was taped and put on YouTube.

Lawyers for farmer Christopher Long, 30, are charging in papers to be filed today in Manhattan Federal Court that former Police Officer Patrick Pogan, 23, tried to conceal the truth about the July 2008 tackle.

Long was riding his bike through Times Square, part of a rally by the cycling activist group Critical Mass, when Pogan - a former high school football player - body- slammed him to the ground..." Reports | 1 | 2 |

London CM June 2009.

Usual confrontations with impatient drivers. Several cyclists rammed. Two car cops gave a rider a fixed penalty notice for going through a red light. At Hyde Park Corner a woman cop threatened a corker with arrest for obstructing the highway. There was a serious altercation in Oxford Street between some car occupants and riders. Allegedly a woman was punched.

Several circuits of Parliament Square. A pleasant stop at Buckingham Palace and finally a bike-high and sit-down on London Bridge.

Reports | 1 | 2 | Video.

More ticketing on NYC CM May 2009 ride.

Following the lawsuit against NYPD by bicycling groups the police were out in force again for the May CM and ticketed several riders and a videographer was harassed by them. Report with videos.

London CM May 2009.

Large ride estimated to be over 1,000. Got splintered but joined up again. Some police silliness and ramming by road-ragers again. Lots of sunshine. Reports. Report with pics. Video.

New York Court Case. May12th -15th 2009.

Several cycling groups, including Critical Mass, filed a lawsuit against NY City police contesting the imposition of a parade permit. Report. Transcripts.

Petaluma May 8th 2009 - "2 cyclists arrested, 5 cited during bike-in".

"Two bicyclists were arrested Friday for allegedly resisting officers during a "Critical Mass" bike-in in Petaluma, police said". Website.

London CM April 2009, 15th Anniversary ride.

One arrest. Several bikes rammed by drivers. Good weather. Some police interacting. There were tributes to killed cyclists. Reports. Report with pics. Video.

Women on bikes in Pakistan!

It seems the Critical Mass in Lahore is encouraging women to appear on bicycles in public. "Sometimes men stop and stare or pass astonished comments like "Hey, those are girls!"; but there haven't been any problems", says Zahra Syed, one of the participants. More.

Austin USA ride.

"After a long string of Critical Mass rides without major encounter with police, Austin Police were out in force on Friday arresting and ticketing Critical Massers for running red lights and 'obstructing traffic.'" Report with video.

March ride 2009.

There is a report of a cop pushing a rider to the ground and of other confrontations with police, including ticketing. Otherwise a very good ride. Reports. Pics.

Lords reject London anti-bike chaining law.

"The House of Lords has once again ridden to the rescue of cyclists, this time by rejecting a proposed law to enable council contractors in London to remove without notice any bicycles chained to railings." Reports | 1 | 2 |.

Richmond, VA, USA, CM targeted by police.

"In February we got stopped by the police and told that they had been sent specifically to target Critical Mass. So it would be really awesome to have huge group of people in March to ride together and show the police that we are not intimidated and that we have the right to be on the road." Report.

February Ride 2009

About 300 riders. Very few incidents. Merrymaking in Oxford Circus. Video. Pics.

NY Police Officer Who Shoved a Bicyclist Is Off the Job.

"A police officer who was videotaped knocking a man off his bicycle and onto the ground during a cycling event in Manhattan last summer has been fired, the Police Department said." Report. Previous video.

January Ride 2009.

About 180 riders. A good, uneventful ride. Reports. Video.

Berkeley Critical Mass Heads To Oakland, Faces Police Repression w/ Video.

"The ride started to get sour when bicyclists were told to get into the right lane, then without warning, the sound system was stopped and the bicyclist arrested. another bicyclist was detained and almost hit with a baton and given a ticket." More.

Critical Mass style ride attacked by police.

A group of about 30 cyclists rode to the Gaza demo at the Israeli Embassy where they were attacked by police. "Police wasnt very happy with us pushing people to the floor and i got punch in my mouth motive at all." Report.

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