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December 2006 CM London ride.

As usual, the December ride passed off successfully and uneventfully with no police riders at all. Despite the wind and rain there was an estimated turnout of more than 100 cyclists, which is not bad for the mid-winter holiday period.

Cyclists at Faslane

"At Faslane the North gate was blockaded by activists from the Trident Ploughshares campaign. The gateway was blocked around 7 a.m. by a group of cyclists who formed a cordon and then locked on to each other using chains and padlocks..."

York's December ride

York saw the successful restart to Critical Masses continue for another First Friday of the Month ride.

November 2006 CM London ride

The ride decided to cross Lambeth Bridge this time and skirt around to the North of Central London before returning. This made a welcome change from the more predictable routes of some previous rides. There was some barricading by the cycle police and a masser with a sound system was told not to use it in Whitehall.

Nottingham's November Critical Mass and Bike About :: The Pictures

Critical Mass Cyclists Arrested (Leeds)

Leeds Critical Mass ends with two cyclists being assaulted by police and driven away to station. More.

Southampton CM 4th November.

Only about a dozen CM riders came out, but those that did thoroughly enjoyed their little trip around town, whilst we let buses and taxis past, our best catch was a big mercedes 4x4 that drove recklessly trying to get past.

At the traffic lights at the top end of town a few drivers got even more irate, with one driver getting out of his car in a futile attempt to get the riders off the road. Other than that the riders were warmly received by pedestrians and felt that overall they had made the point.

As to the reaction from motorists, well, I thought some of the shouting and threatening behaviour was disproportionate to the small inconvenience they were being asked to suffer.

Here's hoping for a few more, as Southampton CM starts to gain momentum

International Climate Protest 2006.

Saturday November 4th. Record turnout for Protest Bike Ride. Website.

October 2006 CM London ride.

Two reports.

"It was a great ride I loved the early ride past of the pub, and the Theobalds Road loop was great, the Embankment underpass was fantastic (twice) as was getting lost on Savoy Hill and wearing out the police cyclists doing it (they all stopped for water at Covent Garden).

I hope to ride on many more masses like that, it was much better than the usual circuit of main roads."


"Really enjoyed Fridays CM was nice to go places that I haven't, in the short time I have been riding CM, seen the ride go to before. St Pauls etc.

Parliament square still takes some beating though. Wasn't it nice to ride around without any or few cars getting mixed up with the mass this time?

The tunnel on the embankment was mint. The shouting and screaming was brilliant. Isn't that a great sensation to see an open road in front of you with no traffic on it? We where looking to try to get back onto the embankment to make our way back to Tower Hill when the Mass to us there. Big thank you CM.

I also thought that the Police did a great job on Friday."

September 2006 CM London ride.

The thread 'Tonight's Mass' on the Discussion list seems to arrive at the conclusion that the police were much better than on the previous ride. Only one half hearted attempt by the police to blockade the front of the ride was observed and riders we even allowed to loiter behind the police van. Some discontent among massers about the use of Oxford Street again, which holds up buses, and with delays caused by 'bike-upping' at junctions but most seem to agree that it was a good ride. As one writer observed, 'A good night out, if a little quiet in terms of music'. Witness appeal.

Sack Parliament!

A call-out for a critical mass action happening on 9th October 2006 at midday under Waterloo Bridge to join in with the events to Sack Parliament. More details and flier. Training. A guide to public order for Sack Parliament. Indymedia report.

Some pictures of Notts and Manchester CMs on the 29th September.

August 2006 CM London ride.

Here is one person's take on the ride.

"The ride was great at first, good music, nice vibes, and circling Parliament Sq was very enjoyable.

Though during the last hour or so things started to turn very nasty, especially at the front.

It seems the latest police tactics are to barricade the ride at the front whilst pressing the pace at the back with a police van and screamed orders to move on......thus forcing us to occupy the minimum possible amount of road space and compacting the ride to the point where it is nearly impossible to move without clipping someone's back wheel.

Those people who resented being herded like sheep were subjected by the police to physical assault, intimidation, threats, verbal abuse of the most foul kind and in one case, arrest.

These sickening bully-boy tactics cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. The police officers behaving in this manner are a disgrace to their uniform and must be held to account.

It seems that legal observers will have to be brought in and video evidence collected in order to protect ourselves and obtain justice."

For more see discussion list and Indymedia news item.

Bicycology Roadshow, August 13th 2006.

See video and other details. Nottingham pics. Climate Camp. Video of action in Selby.

Hackney critical mass against the occupation, August 12th 2006.

Not to be confused with CM London. See pics and article.

Peace Cycle sets off, August 6th 2006.

See video and website and week one of diary. European leg of ride completed. Frosty reception from Israel. British Government asked to intervene. Peace Cycle enters the West Bank. Ride ends.

July 2006 CM London ride.

There was some discussion on the list archive about whether the ride was hijacked by the pro-Lebanese demo at Downing Street and about how controlling the cycle police were. Despite this it was thought to be a good ride and there was quite a large attendance, no doubt helped by the good weather. See Ian's notes about the sound systems and a video of the ride.

Southend's first harassment free Critical Mass.

On Friday 14th July Southend-on-Sea held its fourth Critical Mass. The sun was shining and there was a good turn out of about 25 people with flags, banners and a sound system. But the one thing that stood out the most was NO POLICE!!!!!. After constant harassment on the previous rides ( being followed, stopped, filmed, photographed, arrested), it seems like Essex police have given up trying to stop us. The mass did a lap of the sea front and stopped (on its own accord) after about 2 hours.

So....... Southend Critical Mass 1 Essex Police 0

Come and help make Southends Mass bigger and better we meet on the second Friday of every month at 6 p.m. at the top of the High Street (outside WHSmith's).

24th May 2006. Cyclists win Critical Mass Court Case.

In September 2005 the police issued this leaflet warning to London CM participants. A cyclist Des Kay, with the help of Friends of the Earth, recently took the Met Police to court and won!

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